Fury As Farage Accepts Job In Spain


Fury As Farage Accepts Job In Spain.  The Spanish government has controversially employed Nigel Farage to assist in their efforts to enforce the national lockdown.

Fury As Farage Accepts Job In Spain

Fury As Farage Accepts Job In Spain

The Spanish government have today confirmed that popular British politician Nigel Farage has accepted a job in Spain.  Mr. Farage will be joining a team tasked with ensuring the population abides by the strict lockdown rules which are currently in place.

The team from Coronavirus Regional Andalucia Protection are tasked with keeping people in their homes during the lockdown.  Juan Vete-A-Casa says Nigel’s role will be limited to the Costa Del Sol initially.  “Nigel is going to be given special permission to be outdoors during the lockdown.  He is going to be walking the streets handing out his Brexit Party manifesto to everyone he sees.  Nigel is also prepared to engage in conversations with the public and shake hands, despite the risk to himself”.  

Nigel Farage Sombrero

Mr. Farage is embracing his new role in Spain.

The team are not revealing which towns Nigel will be visiting or when.  “We are hoping that no one will risk leaving their homes,” says Juan “because bumping into Nigel Farage and possibly shaking his hand is a frightening prospect.  We’re not saying where he is or when, because we need this deterrent to be effective for the whole region.”

Nigel Farage is said to be very excited about his new job.  He has been given the title Social Ambassador Distancia which a close friend said he is taking very seriously.  “Nigel has a great relationship with Spain, he was given a top honour earlier this year and is delighted to be doing his bit”.

The idea is being met with criticism from some residents.  Tim Dym is originally from Birmingham and now lives in Torremolinos.  He says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Bearwood.  The government need to stop scaremongering now!  The virus is bad enough, without knowing that Farage is here.  It’s terrifying”.

Farage Beach

Nigel Farage pictured on a deserted beach at Fuengirola. He is said to be disappointed by the poor weather,

Some British expats are supportive of the idea, but outraged because it doesn’t go far enough.  Anne Fernandez is a local celebrity and leader of a Facebook group of outraged Brits.  She says “It’s outrageous! How can they expect one man to deter everyone from leaving home?  Not even Nigel Farage could do that.  They need to bring more people on board for this.  Imagine if they also had Rolf Harris and Prince Andrew walking the streets?  No one would leave home then”.

Stew Pidd isn’t going to let the prospect of a meet and greet with Nigel Farage stop him from breaking the lockdown.  He said “This is fake news.  For sure.  Fake news.  Boris is best.  Go our for a walk. It’s no worse than a cold. More people die from falling down the stairs.  Fake news.”

Will the prospect of bumping into Nigel Farage encourage you to stay in doors? Have your say in the comments below.

Written by Tim Buktu, Costa Del Sol Update

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