Outrage Over Virus Protection Suits


Outrage Over Virus Protection Suits. A Spanish company is now offering “complete coronavirus protection” with it’s new range of virus protection suits.

Outrage Over Virus Protection Suits

Outrage Over Virus Protection Suits

New virus protection suits are causing outrage as consumers describe them as “inappropriate”, “impractical”, “sinister”, and “quite disturbing”.  However, the Spanish company behind the new suits is confident that in just a matter of days we will all be wearing them to protect ourselves against the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Protection Suit

A model demonstrates the suit on the manufacturer’s website.

Suit Could Provide Complete Protection

Alfonso Asqueroso is a spokesperson for Greater International Medical Protection, the company behind the suits.  He says people need to take serious steps to protect themselves, and these suits are the answer.  “Viruses enter the body through the mouth, nose, and eyes.  Our suits make it impossible to catch a virus this way.  By completely enclosing the wearer, our suits provide even greater protection.  At just €50 for a suit, can you afford not to be safe?”

Expats Already Taking Precautions

Some British expats have been taking precautions against viruses for years, according to landlord Samuel Spam from the popular Slap & Tickle Pub in Estepona. “These suits are in the news because of the coronavirus, but I’ve got customers who’ve been wearing them for years.  For some reason, only on a Thursday night, but it’s good to see people taking their health seriously”.

Coronavirus Mask

A drinker at the Slap & Tickle testing the head piece portion of the virus protections suit.

Difficult To Do Anything

Cliff Mitchell is originally from Birmingham and now lives in Marbella.  He thinks the suits are a great idea and has already bought one. He said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Aston.  The suit makes me feel very safe.  Admittedly it’s a bit difficult to do anything, on account of not being able to see, but I have a friend who isn’t scared of the virus and he leads me around”.


Outraged Expats

Not everyone is rushing out to buy a virus protection suit though.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where expats express their outrage over Brexit and import tariffs on custard creams.  Anne says “These things are frankly disturbing.  Who in their right mind would wear one?  Well maybe Brexit voters would.  But apart from them?  It’s outrageous.  Asking people to pay for this rubber suit that they won’t be able to do anything in, it’s like something from a horror film.  I’d rather take my chances with the coronavirus than be seen wearing one of these”.  

Coronavirus suit behind

Suit owner Mike Lunge didn’t want to be recognised so we took this photo from behind.

No Big Deal

Whist fear of the coronavirus grips parts of Europe, it’s impact is not being felt as strongly in southern Spain.  DJ Barry Jones runs the popular Ebola Bar in Fuengirola and says numbers haven’t dropped.  “It’s no big deal.  Last Friday we had five people in, compared to before the virus outbreak when we also had five people in.  It’s not making any difference.  I’m not worried, I’m Welsh so I can’t catch it anyway.  Party party hands in the air boyo”. 

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Written by Tess Tickell, Costa Del Sol Update

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