Ross Kemp Costa Del Sol Controversy


Ross Kemp Costa Del Sol Controversy. Tough TV star facing the biggest challenge of his career in Spain.

Ross Kemp Costa Del Sol Controversy

Ross Kemp Costa Del Sol Controversy

TV tough man Ross Kemp has filmed in some of the most demanding locations on the planet for his popular TV shows, which include Extreme World and Ultimate Force. His latest show could prove to be the biggest challenge of his career to date, and Costa Del Sol Update has an exclusive. This week Ross Kemp is on the Costa Del Sol filming “Ross Kemp: Four Days In Fuengirola”.

Ross Kemp Fuengirola

Four Days In Fuengirola is being filmed now.

Impossible To Eat

The TV star has completed his first day of filming, and we’ve learned he’s already struggling to keep going. Ross says “It’s Day One, in Fuengirola, and the first thing that struck me is the smell. Raw sewage. It makes it impossible to eat. I’m going to be very hungry doing this show”.

Ross Kemp Challenges

Each day, Ross will face a series of challenges designed to push his survival skills to limit. We can exclusively reveal that today’s filming began with Ross trying to survive a Full English Breakfast in a popular sea front cafe.

Bad BReakfast

Ross Kemp was served this breakfast on his first day in Fuengirola.

Ross told producers “This was crazy. I ordered breakfast in the Old Bunion Sports Bar, I’ve never seen anything like it. The owner, an angry little man called Frazzle or something, was yelling at the people working there, then he started yelling at the customers, and he yelled at me. I managed to stay calm though and eat my frozen value range sausages and stale toast. It was terrifying.”

Mistaken Identity

Whilst Ross was trying to eat his cool demeanour was challenged. Ross was approached by several British people who may have been on holiday. One shouted “Alright Phil, love énders”, another made a crude comment about Ross’ on screen mum Barbara Windsor, whilst another woman told him she loves his drum solo in “Another Day In Paradise”.


Ross found crossing the road very challenging.

Driving In Fuengirola

Another challenge Ross Kemp faced on Day One was crossing the road. He said “I’ve been in war zones, filmed with rockets flying past my head, but nothing could have prepared my for trying to cross the road in Fuengirola. There were cars coming at me from all sides, and just when I thought they were stopping a crazy kid on a moped would come shooting towards me”.


Tomorrow, producers have lined up a driving challenge which will see Ross try to survive for several minutes behind the wheel of a hire car. Other challenges set to be filmed over the fours days include sending Ross into a bar full of Brits to order a drink wearing a T Shirt with “Brexit Til I Die” written on the back.

Spanish Roundabout

Ross will try to survive several minutes behind the wheel in Fuengirola.

Ross will also be filmed trying to walk along the paseo whilst being offered trainers and watches at a special price, and he will have to get from one end of fish alley to the other without being dragged into a restaurant by an enthusiastic staff member.

Expats Outraged Again

Carlos Sobrevivir is a spokesperson for Fuengirola Unified National Guarded Unanimous Society. He says “This paints the town in an unfair light, they make it sound easy to survive here. This man from Coronation Street is in for a big shock.”

Not everyone is happy about this new TV show. Jack Bauer lives in Fuengirola but is originally from Birmingham. He says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Aston. This show is just wrong, it makes the place looks like a dangerous third world war zone. It’s ridiculous. I’ve lived here for three months and only had dysentery twice”.

Ross Kemp Bar

Wearing a pro-Brexit T shirt could be dangerous for Ross.

Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook support group for Brits who are outraged mainly by Brexit. Anne says “I’m outraged you’d say that we’re mainly outraged by Brexit. One of my members was recently outraged by something that wasn’t Brexit related, though we didn’t take much notice and I can’t remember what it was. We’re outraged by this new TV show. It’s outrageous. To put a well loved British TV star into such a perilous and dangerous place is just irresponsible. An expert told me this only happened because of Brexit.”

Could you survive for four days in Fuengirola? Leave your comment below!

Written by Paige Turner, Costa Del Sol Update.




  1. Load of Rubbish ….. i`ve lived here for 15 years (from London) and it`s NOTHING like whats portrayed in the initial write-up.
    Food is good more or less everywhere, but in every location your bound to find some below the standards we all crave > but as per usual, TV companies just start at the bottom.
    Driving is no worse than the UK,but if your driving skills are poor to start with, then your gonna struggle arent you !
    The location is excellent (although crowded in the summer months) but then again > we do get a proper summer ….. one thats very nice, very hot and very long……. & rain is often welcomed in the winter months.
    Health cover in Spain is far above the levels found in the UK – but convincing Brits that the NHS is really bad is a bit pointless, as their stuck with it.
    Cost of living here is FAR BELOW that of the UK, with better quality foods, drinks etc …….
    The way of life here is nicer, slower, friendlier & lives are enhanced by being away from the UK.
    But, as per usual, a film company is looking for the worst of it …… were well used to seeing the crap that normally appears on UK TV, but were safe in the knoledge that it really is total garbage 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Ray. I feel that you’re facts are not based in reality though. We have checked them with the Factual Litigation Andalucia National Groupo Executivo and they assure us that you are wrong. To be fair though, we only made it through the first couple of lines of your essay before we fell asleep, we might try again later if we get tired of watching the newly painted wall in the office dry out. Thanks for reading, it would be great if you could subscribe to our posts and like the Facebook page!

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Ray. me and my family have lived in Miraflores for almost nine and half years and often visit Fuengirola. An absolute bunch of lying rubbish. Whenever there is anything shown about life on the Costal del Sol it is exaggerated lies. Anyone that lives and visits here for holidays know the truth and can laugh about the things that are said,

  3. Such a shame I’ve lived here for 30 years brought up three children who thanks to the Spanish way of life .. have grown into whole grounded young people .. never been drunk to the point of being sick due to the fact they were offered Sangria at the lunch table on a Sunday ! Yes 30 years ago people did come here thinking they could open a restaurant just because they could cook an English breakfast on the Sunday lunch but slowly only the best for survived and vegetarian restaurants organic restaurants are popping up we have a long way to go to make this town The authentic place it could be especially around the port area I hope that people take it for what it is sensationalism and that the only people to watch it on mindless morons that we don’t want here anyway ??

    • Hi Jacqueline, we notice you’re keeping quiet about the dysentery. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Thanks for reading, it would be great if you could subscribe to our posts and like the Facebook page!

  4. Absolutely brilliant spoof article, believable bxllshxt well some of it was very believable hence the genuine responses…

  5. I survived Fuengirola after getting off the bus at the wrong stop. I was immediately surrounded be 6 or 7 ‘Lucky Lucky’ men with handbags and semi-automatic weapons, but managed to escape by running into a British Pub. I was shaking, so ordered a Brandy to calm my nerves and was amazed to be served half a pint of it and only charged 1 euro!!! I bribed the scouser behind the bar with 50 cents, and fled through the back door, well, I say fled, I actually slid through an inch of chip fat on the kitchen floor and ended up on my arse in the back alley. I managed to hail a Taxi to take me home to Frigiliana, and after paying the very reasonable price of 265 euros, I actually got out of the Cab and fell to my knees and kissed the pavement, thankful to have got out of that Sh*thole with my life and more importantly my watch, wallet and Flip-Flops!! GOOD LUCK Mr. Kramp,

    • Well done Peter, we have passed your details on to the TV production company who will no doubt wish to serialise your story! Thanks for reading, it would be great if you could subscribe to our posts and like the Facebook page!

    • Obviously you’re not choosing the correct weeks June. Thanks for reading, it would be great if you could subscribe to our posts and like the Facebook page!

  6. What a nonsense, haha.
    I not just survived, I live happily in Fuengyrola for 18 years. Ross Kemp should work for a local circus ?…???

  7. To cut a long story short but it’s true, if Mr Kemp got the lads back together and did a concert up on Fuengi Castle, he’d see a different side of the town, through the barricades….

  8. Hi I’ve been a couple of times I’ve always looked to get some good English food but always end up with some crappy spunish tapoos after wasting my good hard earnt money drawing stuff down the beech With my nice crayons I usually earn about 2000 potato’s an evening but since this brexit thingy I’m not sure I’ll earn that much any morning I wish we could just all get on.

    Ps I live up the road in Porto Banous but I could never live in the sewage in feregirolla it’s to thick

  9. Been here for 4 years now and managed to pump my life savings into the town hall for no particular reason than that they wanted it and thought it’d be better in there account as they have to pay for the Christmas lights somehow. The plastic cup I now rattle at every unspectin diners in all sea front restaurants is looking a bit shabby but at least my cardboard box still had a few sleeps left in it before I have to do a smash and grab at the back of the spar! My dog seems to like the attention he gets from the tourists as they try and wipe the rabid foam from his toothless mouth but then gets a doggy treat that he can get his gums round. Fuengirola forever!!

  10. I was there last week and never experienced anything like the report, only the last night, Saturday, did we get a slight whiff of drains. We’ve lived in Tenerife the past 27 years, now there’s a survival challenge!

    • Oh Gary, poor Gary, you’ve been listening to too many Donald Trump outbursts and jumping on the “fake news” band wagon. This is not fake news. It really isn’t.

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