Spain Preparing To Send Emergency Aid To The UK


Spain Preparing To Send Emergency Aid To The UK.  Expats concerned about the effects of Brexit are preparing to send aid to the UK on the 31st October.

Spain Preparing To Send Emergency Aid To The UK

Spain Preparing To Send Emergency Aid To The UK

Nobody knows for sure what the effects of Brexit will be on the UK if it leaves the EU on the 31st October as planned.  Some experts have predicted food shortages, a lack of medicine, and even low stocks of nappies and baby formula.  British expats living in Spain have now come together to support the United Kingdom in the event of Brexit related shortages.

Terence Smith from the newly formed Brexit Unilateral Mandate says it’s not just expats who want to help.  “We’re getting a lot of support from the Spanish too, business owners who enjoy meeting Brits when they holiday here.  No one wants to see the UK at breaking point because of Brexit”.


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First Aid Shipment Planned

On the 31st of October a shipment of aid will be sent from Malaga to the United Kingdom, though it’s not yet clear how the aid will be distributed.  Franciso Frontera from Marbella County Council’s Department For Overcomplicating Things For Foreigners says “We’re not even sure if the aid will get into the UK, as they are taking back control of their borders.  We will try as hard as possible, but it might end up in Wales if we can’t find a way into Britain”.

Local Media Appeals

Appeals for donations are now being made through local media on the Costa Del Sol.  DJ Cliff Garcia from Super Hits International Tunes radio says “We are asking for donations of thoughts, prayers, and best wishes which can be sent to the UK to help after Brexit.  We can really make a difference if we both pull together”.

DJ Cliff Garcia

DJ Cliff Garcia is asking his listener to support the campaign.


Relief Effort Opposition

There is some opposition to the emergency aid relief effort.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook page where outraged expats can express their outrage over issues like Boris Johnson’s tie collection and Brexit.  Anne says “My members are outraged by this.  We shouldn’t be sending our thoughts and prayers to the UK, when they are needed here in Spain.  There are people here who actually voted leave, and they will need all the help we can give them when they realise what they’ve done”.

Not Doing Enough

Local chef Matt Brush from the Septic Buffet in Fuengirola isn’t convinced we’re doing enough.  He said “We should be doing more to help the poor people back in the UK.  Thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are all great, but we could change our Facebook profile pictures as well.  That would make a big difference.”

Brexit Relief Aid Van

Expats are preparing the first shipment of thoughts and prayers to be sent to the UK.

Reaction In The UK

News of the planned shipment of aid has not been received well by some Brexiteers in the UK.  Mick Thuggery from Birmingham said “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Bearwood.  We don’t need anything from Europe, especially not from those ex-British people in Spain.  What do they know?  Leave means leave.  We’re leaving.  We will manage.  Coal tastes quite nice. Goes well with sparrow stew.”

The news has been too much for some expats to process though. Anne Idyot in Benalmadena said “I don’t really understand this to be honest, so I’m just going to keep saying fake news.  Fake news.  That’s what we say when we don’t get something, it makes us think other people think we’re intelligent. Fake news. Did you get that?”.

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Written by Mark Suckerberg, Costa Del Sol Update.



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