Anger Over Poppy Appeal Scandal


Anger Over Poppy Appeal Scandal.  A determined group of expats are fighting to protect their right to wear a poppy for Remembrance Day.

Anger Over Poppy Appeal Scandal

Anger Over Poppy Appeal Scandal

A determined group of expats are battling to defend their right to wear a poppy for Remembrance Day.  These people have been sharing memes and posts online, affirming their determination to wear a poppy despite the protests from absolutely no one.

Tony Baloney is originally from Birmingham but now lives in Fuengirola.  He says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Winson Green.  No one can take away my right to be British.  I’m wearing a poppy to show my support for something, and I’m posting about it on Facebook to show anyone who is offended that I’m not afraid to post often and even in big letters if I have to.” 

When it was pointed out that no one had seemed to take offence, Mr. Baloney said “That’s ridiculous, I saw a post on Facebook which said people were offended by the poppy.  It must be true.  So I shared it.”

worn out keyboard

Mr. Baloney has shared so many posts that his keyboard now needs replacing.

Defiant Expats

Many other expats have also been sharing posts to say that they will defiantly be wearing a poppy (though they could have meant “definitely” wearing a poppy, it’s a common spelling error online).  Nathan Greene wrote “I have the right to defend my right to post about my rights on Facebook.  No one will infringe my Facebook rights.  That’s my right.  I’m ready to fight to the last keystroke to defend my rights, which no one has actually attacked, but if they did I would be ready. Rule Britannia”. 

Supporting The Right To Protest

Antonio Derechos is a spokesperson for the Protest Rights Andalucia Tribunal Society, he says “We support everyone’s right to protest to protect their rights, but these Brits aren’t really protesting. They are posting on Facebook about people who don’t exist being offended by a poppy.  You’d think they’d have something better to do, like actually contribute to the poppy appeal“.  

Keyboard Warriors

A crack team of keyboard warriors continue to defend rights which no one is threatening,

Outraged Expats

Some expats have expressed their outrage that people seem to be getting outraged because there’s absolutely no need for outrage when it comes to wearing a poppy.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group for outraged expats – where discussions range from Brexit, to whether granulated sugar is better than sugar lumps in tea.  Anne says “I’m outraged by this, and so are my members.  We are outraged that people are getting outraged over absolutely nothing.  Why are they wasting their Facebook outrage on people who don’t exist being offended by a poppy, when that outrage could be put to much better use when directed towards Brexit.”

Unfazed Protesters

Some British Facebook users are unfazed by the news that no one is actually offended by anyone wearing a poppy, and have vowed to continue the fight.  “I will keep sharing posts which have no basis in fact or reality, suggesting that some minorities are offended by my poppy.” said P. Nesshead.  “When Remembrance Day is over and done with, I’ll start sharing posts declaring my determination to celebrate Christmas in the face of no opposition whatsoever. Gammon anyone?”

Have you ever shared a post about wearing your poppy despite it causing offence to people, even though you’ve never met anyone who has been offended by it? Have your say in the comments below!

Written by Phil McAvity, Costa Del Sol Update.

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