Brexiteers Blast Spanish Quarantine


Brexiteers Blast Spanish Quarantine.  The Spanish government has passed a law requiring all British people who voted for Brexit to quarantine for 14 days.

Brexiteers Blast Quarantine In Spain

Brexiteers Blast Spanish Quarantine

British Brexiteers are up in arms today after the Spanish government introduced new quarantine restrictions.  Anyone entering Spain who voted for Brexit will be required to quarantine for 14 days.  Passengers disembarking on flights from the UK will be required to fill in a form, which asks how they voted in the Brexit referendum, before being allowed to pass through the airport.

The new law is designed to prevent travellers from the UK bringing new cases of coronavirus into Spain.  Government spokesman Carlos Broke explains the reason for quarantining Brexit voters“Our studies have shown that people who refuse to wear masks, don’t maintain social distancing, and claim the pandemic is a scam or a conspiracy are likely to be the same people who voted for Brexit.  By quarantining them, we will help slow the spread of the virus and more importantly limit the amount of contact that normal people have with them”.

Brexiteer Flag

Brexit voters will be asked to identify themselves when arriving in Spain.

Critics are already pointing out the obvious flaw in this new plan, which is that by simply not telling the truth on the form which asks “Did you vote in favour of Brexit”, travellers could avoid the quarantine.  Enrique Enfermedad from the Coronavirus Regional Autonomous Prevention believes this won’t happen though.  “Brexiteers are very proud of their position as freedom fighters for the UK and will shout about it at every opportunity.  Give them the chance to do this on a piece of paper at the airport, most of them will.  Very few are going to slip through the net”.

There has been a big backlash from Brexit voters in the UK who hoped to visit Spain.  Biff Smith from Birmingham told us “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Winson Green.  This is really bad, I don’t know what Spain are thinking.  Statistically, you’re far less likely to have the virus in England than you are in Spain.  Statistics are very important, especially to us Brexit voters.  9 out of 5 people actually voted for Brexit based on the statistics”.

Blair Lockhead

Holiday maker Blair is angry that he has to quarantine because his dad voted for Brexit.


Some holiday makers who are already in Spain are worried about the impact of this new quarantine law.  Blair Lockhead is on holiday in Los Barcos and is already angry about the quarantine in the UK.  “When I get back to Britain, I’ve got to spend 14 days in the house doing a quarantine.  Now I’ve got to quarantine for 14 days in Spain as well because my Dad voted for Brexit.  We’re only supposed to be here for 3 more days.  This is racist against Brexit voters.”

British expats living in Spain seem to be in favour of the new quarantine procedure.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where Brits can express their outrage over things including Brexit and the price of Kellogg’s Frosties in Iceland.  Anne says “To be honest I’m outraged that the quarantine is only 14 days.  It’s not long enough.  They’ll be on the beaches in no time scratching their beer bellies and talking about taking back control.  My members are terrified, Judy is on three valium a day and Tom is so stressed he can’t bring himself to watch Only Fools And Horses anymore“.

Brexit voter

Biff Smith voted for Brexit and believes that statistics show he is safer in the UK than Spain.

Stew Pidd is a Brexit supporter and believes that this is just fake news.  He says “anything I don’t understand is fake news, especially jokes I don’t get or don’t like.  This is obviously fake news.  They need us more than we need them.  Big up Boris.  Brexit is best!”.

Do you think that the new quarantine for Brexiteers is reasonable? Have your say in the comments below.

Written by Paige Turner, Costa Del Sol Update

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  1. This is ridiculous, the President says it will go away with UV and Spanish beaches have plenty of that; I will be taking my own supply of hydroquarantine and bleach to take with a few tequilas at sundown. I have only two more weeks to serve in Winson Green and the last thing I want is restrictions on my liberty.

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