Brexiteers Being Booted Out Of Spain


Brexiteers Being Booted Out Of Spain. Outrage as local government begins deportation process for Brexit supporting British residents on the Costa Del Sol.

Brexiteers Being Booted Out Of Spain

Brexiteers Being Booted Out Of Spain

British expats in Spain are now being deported as local councils are given sweeping new powers to remove people who voted against Britain remaining in the EU. Brexit itself has enabled European nations to take back control and get rid of Brits who voted leave in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Facebook Spies

The government has been monitoring expats on social media

Identifying Leave Voters

Separating leave voters from British expats with a normal IQ has been a challenge for Spanish authorities. A team of social media experts have been analysing posts on Facebook and Twitter. They have developed an algorithm which can identify people who probably voted for the UK to leave the EU.

Pedro Permanecer heads up the Andalucian National Union Society who have been conducting the research. He says there are several things that the highly advanced algorithm is able to detect. “The first big clue to spotting a leaver on social media are posts written entirely in capital letters”.

There are other subtle clues which the algorithm is able to detect, says Sr. Permanecer. “Posts containing phrases like “they need us more than we need them”and “Britain is doing better than ever now” along with “it’s no worse than the flu” are also good indicators of the way someone would have voted”.

Brits Sport Event

These Brits spotted at an outdoor bowls tournament in Riviera Del Sol are suspected of being “leave” voters.

Human Rights Violations

Human rights activists have expressed concern about the legality of deporting people without any actual evidence of how they voted. Carlos Hecho is with the Department for Finding Vague And Not Entirely Legal Reasons To Deport People. He told Costa Del Sol Update “When it comes to something like Brexit, people didn’t need facts to vote against the EU, so we don’t need facts to get these people out of our country. That’s a fact”.

Expat Patriots

Expat Mike Lunge is originally from Birmingham and now lives in Fuengirola. He says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Acocks Green. Just because I live in Spain, doesn’t mean I’m not patriotic. I love Britain and I’m glad they left the EU. There’s no way they should be able to kick me out of Spain though, that’s not what we voted for. I hope I don’t have to go back to the UK, my TV license expired”.

Brexit Leave Voter

Social media users found posting images like this will be suspected of voting “leave”.


Bank Accounts Raided

The government have already started to take money out of suspected “leave” voter’s bank accounts to pay for their one way ticket to the UK. Carlos Ladron from Estepona County Council`s Bank Account Raiding Department says “we are taking €500 directly out of the bank accounts of the Brexiteers, this is to cover their relocation costs. We’re not ripping anyone off. The money will buy covid-19 tests before they leave and covid-19 tests when they land, they will get slightly soiled suitcases, airport transfers, and Ryanair flights to some obscure airport back in virus riddle Britain”.

Outraged Expat Remainers

Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where expats can express their outrage over important matters including British bacon coming from Denmark and Brexit. She says “I’m outraged. My members are outraged. We’re all outraged because this has taken so long. Why would anybody living in Spain vote for the UK to leave the EU? It’s beyond comprehension. The sooner they are gone, the better. However, we are an impartial and unbiased group. It’s very important you print that”.

Boris Johnson Zipwire

Our talented and under funded arts department couldn’t find a suitable picture for this text, so here is a chance to marvel at the dignity and composure demonstrated by the most popular Prime Minister in Britain since Theresa May.

Deportations Now Underway

Deportations began three months ago and already two people have been sent back to Britain. Some Brits who remain in Spain feel that the deportation method is inhumane. Anna Srammer from Citizen’s Rights Andalucia Protection says “The Spanish as usual have done a pretty good job with this. Taking money off people to pay for deportation and stuff is reasonable. But sending them back on a Ryanair flight is simply inhumane. No matter what they’ve done, they don’t deserve that”.

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks this is fake news.

Stew Pidd from Fuengirola is convinced that anything he doesn’t understand, especially satire, is fake news. He says “It’s all rubbish, you’re being lied to. It’s fake news! Brexit means they can’t stop us from living in Spain – it’s what we voted for. Do your research!”

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Written by Gloria Stits, Costa Del Sol Update.


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