Brits Confused By New Speed Limits In Spain


Brits Confused By New Speed Limits In Spain.  Find out what the new speed limits are, and which times of day and what days of the month they apply.

Brits Confused By New Speed Limits In Spain

Brits Confused By New Speed Limits In Spain

New speed limits are being introduced across Spain on Tuesday 11th May 2021.  Motorists will be slowed to a snail’s pace on urban roads, as the limit is reduced from 50km/h to 30km/h.  However, the change isn’t as simple as fifty to thirty.  The limits vary depending on what type of road you’re using.

British drivers in Spain are calling the new speed limits confusing, with some suggesting they are being changed in a bid to increase revenue from speeding fines.  We spoke to Antonio Acelerando from the Andalucia Road Safety Executive to clarify the new rules.  He told us that motorway speed limits are not changing, the new rules only affect urban areas.

The changes to speed limits in Spain are:

  • 30km/h for roads with a single lane of traffic in both directions
  • 20km/h for single lane roads in one direction with a footpath
  • 25km/h for single lane roads with a kerb higher than 7cm
  • 15km/h for single lane roads when the ambient air temperature is below 14c
  • 15km/h for all roads between 11.15am and 11.45am on the third Tuesday of every month
  • 10km/h for any roads resurfaced after January 19th 2017

No Limits For Brexiteers

It has also been confirmed today that speed limits won’t apply to Brexit voters.  Sr. Acelerando explained “They can’t be told what to do, so we’re not putting limits on speed for these drivers.  We expect natural selection to do a good job here”.

Guardia Civil Tank

One of Spain’s new speeding driver detection vehicles.

Outraged Expats

Many Brits are reacting with confusion to the new speed limits.  Brian Beavers is a regular contributor to social media groups, he feels that speed limits are pointless.  Posting today he said “speed isn’t real, there is no evidence that speed exists, they’re just trying to control us! Putting in limits to control speed which doesn’t exist is just as stupid as wearing masks to control a virus which doesn’t exist. Do your research!”


Some expats on the Costa Del Sol have been outraged the by the change to the speed limits.  Anne Fernandez runs an online support group for Brits where they can safely express their outrage about Brexit, and Spanish food labels being stuck over the cooking instructions on British products.  Anne says “some of my members are outraged by this, the news was only announced in October – it’s not enough notice.  Personally though, I’m not outraged. It’s an unusual feeling to be honest.  I’ve told my chauffeur Clifton to make sure he sticks to the new limits, so I’m not worried.”  

Speed Limits On Pavements

There are calls for the new speed limits to be applied to pavements and pàthways as well.  Annette Kertain is originally from Birmingham and now lives in Torremolinos.  She says “actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Solihull.  There needs to be a 30km/h on the pavements too, just last week I was almost mowed down by a pensioner doing at least 35 on a mobility scooter.  It’s dangerous out there!

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks this is fake news.

Stew Pidd from Marbella is convinced that anything he doesn’t understand, especially satire, is fake news. He says “It’s all rubbish, you’re being lied to. It’s fake news! Brexit means they can’t stop us from driving at 70mph in Spain – it’s what we voted for. Do your research!”

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Written by Damon Hill, Costa Del Sol Update.


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