Brits Offended By New Brexit Bargains Store


Brits Offended By New Brexit Bargains Store.  A new discount outlet in Benalmadena aimed at Brexit supporters is causing outrage.

Brits Offended By New Brexit Bargains Store

Brits Offended By New Brexit Bargains Store

A new discount store has opened in Benalmadena, and Brits are queuing up to get their hands on a last minute pre-Christmas bargain, or to complain.  “Brexit Bargain Buys Benalmadena” is the brainchild of a British businessman and aims to bring the biggest bargains from the UK to Spain.

Gap In The Market

“I spotted a gap in the market, and just knew I had to fill it” says chief executive Derek Trotter.  “There are lots of shops here aimed at the discerning British customer, but nothing for the Brexiteer.  I’ve opened my new store today with the aim of providing products perfect for the proud Brexiteer”.


The store owner thinks that no one will have seen a Betamax before, and expects Brexiteers to snap them up!

Discounted Washing Machines

The store is carrying a huge stock of heavily discounted Whirlpool washing machines, direct from the UK.  These are being “sold as seen” and Brexiteers have been queuing up to buy them.  Mick Johnson said “THIS IS RITE GOOD.  Proper British washing machine, made in Britain, by British people, none of that forin rubbish. My wife and our 12 kids will love this.”

Taking Advantage

There has been criticism of the new shop from some sectors of the community.  Robert Billder from the Traders Within Andalucia Team Society is worried that the new store is taking advantage of unsuspecting Brexiteers.   “It’s fairly obvious where these washing machines have come from, they’ve been all over the news.  This shop is taking advantage of people who can’t take care of themselves, we need to do more to protect these people”.

Flipper Heels

Flipper Heels are expected to fly off the shelves this Christmas.


Exciting Product Lines

Other product lines currently being stocked at Brexit Bargain Buys Benalmadena include a system for watching films called Betamax and designer women’s footwear called the “Flipper Heel”.  According to Mr. Trotter these are perfect things to pick up before Christmas.  “We all love films, Betamax is revolutionary, I bet you’ve never seen one of these before.  And the heel, wow, what woman doesn’t want to look glamorous at the beach?  Now she can look a million dollars, and swim quickly too if the need should arise”.

Outraged Expats

Some expats have expressed outrage that the new shop is stocking product lines which probably won’t work.  Anne Fernandez runs a popular Facebook group where expats can express their outrage over important things like the correct temperature to serve Findus Crispy Pancakes and Brexit.  Anne says “This is outrageous.  They’re selling washing machines which clearly don’t work.  Video players that don’t work.  Why are they doing this?  We already have Chinese shops here, they have the monopoly for selling stuff which doesn’t work.  This place should be shut down.  It’s just exploiting stupid people.”

Boris Johnson Pointing

Brexit pin up Boris Johnson may be opening the new store in Benalmadena.

Prime Ministerial Visit

The shop manager Norman Watts is originally from Birmingham.   He says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Manchester.  We’ve invited the Prime Minister to do the official opening of our shop.  We’ve told his PR people that we stock a good range of comfortable fridges, so we’re hopeful he will be able to come”.

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Written by Albert Arkwright, Costa Del Sol Update.



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