Expats Arrested In Municipality Mayhem


Expats Arrested In Municipality Mayhem.  Confusion over municipal boundaries has led to expats being arrested inside a local supermarket!

Expats Arrested In Municipality Mayhem

Expats Arrested In Municipality Mayhem

There is confusion on the Costa Del Sol over the location of some municipal boundaries.  Under the current regulations, restriction of movement between municipalities is being prohibited.   There is outrage today after it was revealed that some boundaries actually run through businesses, schools, and even homes.  A British couple were arrested for unwittingly crossing a boundary inside their local supermarket!

Police Checkpoint

A police border checkpoint inside a local supermarket.

The municipal boundary which the couple breached runs directly through the popular Valco supermarket, which was built across the Cabopino / Coin boundary.  A spokesperson for the couple, originally from Birmingham, says they are in shock. “Actually, they’re not from Birmingham they are from Smethwick.  Mrs. Watts simply walked from the frozen fish aisle to the frozen vegetable aisle and before she’d even picked up a packet of peas she had been arrested.  Mr. Watts then walked over to find out what was happening and he was also arrested.  They are both in shock”.  

Expat Action Group Set Up

An action group has been set up to assist Mr. and Mrs. Watts in their bid for freedom.  Anna Srammer from Municipalities United Freedom Fighters says “We won’t give up until this innocent couple are found guilty of this crime!  No, sorry, the other way round.  They are guilty of the crime but innocent because they didn’t know about the law.  Anyway, we will be having a whip round at the Slap And Tickle Pub tomorrow night.  No, tomorrow afternoon, the pub has to close at 6pm.”

Valco Julie

Deputy Manager Julie says the restrictions are causing problems for shoppers.

Restrictions Are Restrictive

The new restrictions are causing difficulties for both staff and customers at the supermarket.  Assistant Manager Julie Cook says “We’ve painted a yellow line along the boundary to let people know that it’s there, but it’s difficult.  The toilets are on the Coin side of the border, if staff on the Cabopino side need to go then they have to break the law – or use the toilets in the Spanish cafe over the road where you have to put the paper in a bin.  It’s not modern.”

Raquel Watts

Notorious British criminal Raquel Watts pictured after being arrested with husband Norman.


Rules Are Rules

There has been little sympathy for the expats caught up in the confusion from the Spanish community.  Local resident Fernando Frontera says “Rules are rules. If these people were buying proper food in proper Spanish shops this wouldn’t be a problem – why do British people need frozen pizza and curry which is boiled in a bag?  The food would probably be better in jail, which is where they will end up if they keep crossing the borders”.

Council Reviewing Municipal Borders

The local council have been quick to order a review, and are even suggesting that some of the municipalities be joined to prevent more incidents like the one at Valco.  Pedro Perimetro is the Minister For Reviewing Arrests Made In Supermarkets Because Of Municipal Boundary Issues.  He says “It’s amazing that I have to do something  30 years in this job and now I have to do something.  I’m retiring this year.  I’ve ordered a review which should be completed in December next year, that will then be examined by a team of experts open to bribes and put in for review in October 2022 and a final decision will be voted on by the council in November 2023.  We will have this cleared up in no time”.  

Valco Lisa

Staff members are not able to cross the border to reach the toilets.

Outraged Expats

The confusing rules regarding crossing municipal boundaries on the Costa Del Sol are causing outrage amongst some expats.  Anne Fernandez runs an online support group where expats can express outrage over important issues like Crocs making a comeback and Brexit.  Anne says “I’m outraged, this is so confusing that some of my members can’t even figure out what they need to be outraged about!  It’s very worrying, as every time you leave the house you could be breaking the law.  Judy sent her butler out for bread this morning and hasn’t seen him since.  I’ve told my butler to bake the bread himself, just to be safe”.  

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks this is fake news, as the concept of satire is completely beyond him.

Some people are already claiming that the Valco arrest is fake news, aimed at keeping people indoors.  Stew Pidd told us “I’ve done my research and opened my eyes, you’re all being controlled.  There is no virus.  There are no boundaries.  This is fake news.  Big up Boris.  Vote Trump.”

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Written by Reg Holdsworth, Costa Del Sol Update

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