Fury Over Fines Imposed In Spain


Fury Over Fines Imposed In Spain.  There is anger as the Spanish government confirms which motoring infringements will incur fines.

Fury Over Fines Imposed In Spain

Fury Over Fines Imposed In Spain

The Spanish government has today confirmed some less well known motoring laws are now being enforced.  Drivers are being fined €100 for failing to observe the rules.  It is hoped that the clarification will encourage drivers to be more mindful of the law and respect the rules of the road.

There have been confusing posts shared on social media recently, claiming drivers can be fined for smoking at the wheel or listening to loud music.  Enrique Embrague from the Andalucian Road Safety Executive says “The government needed to get on top of this, and clarify once and for all what you can be fined for when driving.  All this rubbish on social media just confuses things and isn’t reliable.”

Guardia Civil Road Check

Eight police bikes and two 4x4s were able to stop and fine this driver who was seen using an indicator.

On The Spot Fines For Drivers

As drivers are once again taking to the roads in Spain, we have summarised the government statement to assist motorists all over Spain.  According to the guidelines, police can impose €100 on the spot fines for offences which include:

  • Driving in flip flops
  • Driving without a shirt
  • Driving below the indicated speed limit
  • Using indicators at junctions
  • Leaving a safe distance to the car in front
  • Driving without a lit cigarette in one hand
  • Driving without an arm hanging out of the window
  • Driving with eyes open for extended periods of time
  • Not swearing at pedestrians
  • Using bungee ropes to secure luggage on roof racks instead of string
  • Driving a vehicle which doesn’t emit plumes of black smoke when changing gear

Expert Opinions

Experts are criticising the government for enforcing these laws so soon after lockdown.  Janet is a motoring expert from Facebook.  She says “They are already fining people.  I have a friend who knows someone who’s Mum’s next door neighbour knows someone who actually got fined for using an indicator.  It’s ridiculous”. 

Driver Face Mask

This driver is being fined because his face mask prevents him from smoking whilst driving.


Outraged Expats

Expats on the Costa Del Sol are outraged by these rules.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where expats express their outrage on subjects including Brexit and a lack of new stories from Costa Del Sol Update recently.  Anne says “We’re all outraged to be honest.  First Brexit, then coronavirus, now fines for motorists.  People have been driving however the heck they like in Spain for years, now is not the time to start imposing rules.  This could push me over the edge, answering even more questions on my website from people who can’t read.  I’m already on three cans of Red Bull a day”.

Some Brits in Spain are considering relocating to the UK because of this news.  Hugh Jacksident is originally from Birmingham and now lives in Marbella.  He says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Edgbaston.  We can’t be doing with these rules, it’s wrong.  Un-elected Spanish politicians telling us Brits how to drive in Spain is just wrong on every level.  I’m moving back to Britain, there’ll be none of this after Brexit.  Boris is brilliant.  He should run Spain too then I’d stay”.

Not everyone is convinced that the fines will be imposed though.  Stew Pidd says “This is fake news, anything I don’t understand has to be fake news.  Even jokes I don’t get are fake news.  Fortunately Donald Trump will never let this happen  Man of the people.”

Do you think that the fines are reasonable? Have your say in the comments below.

Written by Patty O’Doors, Costa Del Sol Update

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  1. I blame Ann Hernandez for being clear as mud and not doing enough on an hour by hour basis to resolve the issues facing us on a personal level. Why she can’t do a nine day week like the rest of us I really don’t know.
    Goes with all this flubbery about masks. We should all wear yashmaks under full face motorcycle helmets even when swimming and especially when driving. Driving licenses need to be renewed with an updated photo of the holder wearing a mask or there’s going to be an identity crisis.

  2. Some one has a weird sense of humour, but people take the things so serisously for some reason

  3. So pleased Costa del sol is back on line, can’t manage without all the informative updates.

  4. I read on a Facebook post from Twitter via Liker that BMW car owners in Spain face heavy fines if they opt for the top of the range luxury models, the ones fitted with indicators. As if any BMWs anywhere have indicators.

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