New Malaga Christmas Lights Ridiculed


New Malaga Christmas Lights Ridiculed. Plans to replace the famous light tunnel have been met with ridicule today.

New Malaga Christmas Lights Ridiculed

New Malaga Christmas Lights Ridiculed

The announcement that Malaga is losing it’s famous Christmas lights tunnel over Calle Larios this year has been met with disappointment from Christmas fans on the Costa Del Sol.  However, excitement has been building as people wait to find out how the council plan to replace this spectacular festive display.  Today, the wait is over!



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Christmas Spectacular

Instead of erecting a new Christmas lights display, the council have decided to make use of existing lighting arrangements in the city centre.  Spokesperson Alvaro Ligero from the Christmas Regional Andalucia Propositions says “I expect the public to embrace this new and exciting Christmas spectacular in Malaga.  We are going to be using the existing lighting systems to create some festive magic”.

“There are already lights on Calle Larios,” Sr. Ligero continues, “It makes perfect sense to use these.  Twice an evening from the 29th November, a council worker dressed festively as a council worker is going to flash the lights in a rhythmic pattern, possibly whilst listening to Feliz Navidad on a council approved listening device”. 

Malaga Lights

The Light Tunnel has been a favourite with visitors for several years.

Plans Being Ridiculed

The new attraction is being ridiculed by members of the public who are disappointed with the announcement.  Neville Holder from Birmingham says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Erdington.  Every year I bring the family to Malaga to see the lights, it’s a holiday we look forward to.  This sounds like some bloke will be flashing the street lights for half an hour.  It’s ridiculous.  We’re not coming this year.  We probably couldn’t come anyway because of Brexit, but we wouldn’t bother anyway now.”

Malaga Street Light

One of the star attractions planned for Malaga this year.

Malaga Council Hits Back

Malaga County Council has already hit back at the criticisms. Alfonso Bulbo from the Department Of Making Excuses For Poor Planning says “People shouldn’t mock it until they’ve seen it for themselves.  We’ve worked tirelessly for three hours to come up with this Christmas lights attraction.  Everyone’s a winner.  It saves money, it’s energy efficient, what’s not to like?“.

Expats Are Outraged

Expats have been expressing their outrage over the new lights display.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where members can express their own outrage on subjects from tourists wearing socks with sandals to Brexit.  Anne says “This is outrageous.  Malaga had the best Christmas lights in Europe.  Now they will just have flashing street lights.  Most of my members don’t pay taxes, but if they did, they’d be outraged that their tax money is being wasted on this.”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, pictured here not visiting Malaga, is not expected to comment on the Malaga Christmas lights.

Tony Ahole from Torremolinos told our reporter “I don’t really understand this to be honest, so I’m just going to keep saying fake news.  Fake news.  That’s what we say when we don’t get something, it makes us think other people think we’re intelligent. Fake news. Did you get that?”

Alternative Light Show

The news is being welcomed by some though.  DJ Barry Jones from the Ebola Bar in Fuengirola thinks it could be good for business.  “It might bring more people into my bar, we’ve got actual flashing coloured lights,  they even flash in time to to the music.  If people want to see coloured flashing lights, instead of boring flashing street lights, then the Ebola Bar is the place to be.  Hands in the air.  Party party boyo”.

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Written by Thomas Edison, Costa Del Sol Update.



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