Anger Over Trousers Ban


Anger Over Trousers Ban.  Anyone caught wearing trousers faces a hefty fine or deportation.

Anger Over Trousers Ban

Anger Over Trousers Ban

A shock announcement today from the Costa Del Sol County Council has confirmed that wearing trousers is now illegal in southern Spain.  The new law is already in place, and anyone caught wearing trousers faces a hefty fine, or immediate deportation.

The law was introduced following pressure from business owners to stop the decline in tourism numbers at this time of year.  Pedro Piernas from the Department Of Misinterpreting Public Opinion says “People aren’t coming to Spain at this time of year because they think it’s too cold.  We’ve banned trousers, so that every time someone posts on social media the pictures will show people in shorts.  That makes it look warm.  That will bring back the tourists.  It makes perfect sense to us”.

Shorts Rain

It’s hoped that pictures like this of people wearing shorts will convince potential tourists that the weather is still good here.

Criticism For New Law

The new law is already receiving criticism from residents on the Costa Del Sol.  Mike Legge from the Trouser Wearers Association Torremolinos says this is just the kind of thing his organisation fights against.  “People should be able to wear trousers at any time of the year, and the should be able to wear them without fear of prosecution or persecution or oppression.  This is even worse than Brexit“.

Guardia Civil Arrests

A team of lightly armed Guardia Civil officers have already begin to make arrests.  Expat chef Matt Brush in Fuengirola received a fine through the post.  He says “They claim they saw me wearing jeans in town on Saturday, and sent me a fine for €900.  It’s ridiculous.  I wasn’t even there.  I was in England, visiting my daughter.  We were in Pizza Express in Woking at the time, I remember it very clearly”.

Guardia Civil Armed

A team of lightly armed Guardia Civil officers are on the look out for people wearing trousers.


Law Does Not Go Far Enough

Barry McNally owns the Fiddle And Widdle pub in Puerto Banus.  Originally from Birmingham, Barry is impressed that the council are taking steps to boost tourism.  He said “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Edgbaston.  I think this is a great idea.  Social media will be flooded with pictures of people in shorts, and then the tourists will come back.  I think they should take this further, and ban coats too”.  

Outraged Expats

Expats have been expressing their outrage over the trouser ban on social media.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where expats vent their outrage over issues including the correct number of roast potatoes to serve with a Sunday lunch and Brexit.  Anne says “I’m outraged by this.  Prosecution for covering our legs should not be a thing.  Us Brits have notoriously unattractive white legs, we should be encouraged to cover them up.  That being said, when I was younger I did win the title of Best Legs Benalmadena 1938.  I was rather proud of that.”

Shorts In Rain

People have been abiding by the new law, as this picture taken in Manilva at the weekend shows.

Scots Not Afraid To Bear Their Legs

Scottish expat Ben Doon thinks people are over reacting to the news.  “Och, I never wear trousers.  All weather is kilt weather.  Us Scots are never afraid to get our legs out.  I get mine out come rain or shine, you English fairies should try it.  Wimps.”

The news has been too much for some expats to process though. Anne Idyot in Estepona said “I don’t really understand this to be honest, so I’m just going to keep saying fake news.  Fake news.  That’s what we say when we don’t get something, it makes us think other people think we’re intelligent. Fake news. Did you get that?”.

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Written by Phil McAvity, Costa Del Sol Update.



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