Fury Over Brexit Visa For Brits Visiting Spain


Fury Over Brexit Visa For Brits Visiting Spain. Expats and tourists have reacted angrily to news that Brits will have to buy a visa to visit Spain after Brexit.

Fury Over Brexit Visa For Brits Visiting Spain

Fury Over Brexit Visa For Brits Visiting Spain

British expats and tourists have reacted with fury to news that Brits wishing to visit Spain will have to PAY for a VISA after Brexit. Travel agents in the UK have reported a sudden increase in demand for Costa Del Sol package holidays, as thrifty travellers try to take a break before the next suggested date for Brexit.

VISA Confirmation

It has been confirmed that following Brexit all Brits wishing to visit Spain will have to pay €7 for a travel visa, which will be valid for three years. Biff Smith from Birmingham is furious about the VISA charge. He said “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Aston. Brexit means Brexit, that doesn’t mean paying for VISAs. This is going to more than double the cost of our family holiday to Torremolinos next year. When you think about fines for pulling the kids out of school as well, it could bankrupt us. It’s a disgrace”.

Huge Family

Biff (pictured with some of his family) is concerned about the increased costs of a holiday.

Not As Bad As You Might Think

Tourism experts are suggesting that the backlash is “not as bad as you might think”. Alfonso Viaje from Travel Within Andalucia Tourismo Society says “It’s €7, for three years. The kind of people who are complaining about this are the kind of people we don’t want visiting our picturesque beaches and underground swingers clubs. I’m not worried. It’s not as bad as you might think.”

Brexit Lies

Some British travellers have expressed anger that they were mislead when choosing to vote leave in the Brexit referendum. Derek Harrington-Smyth is on holiday in Marbella and told our reporter “When I voted to leave Europe, I was unaware that Spain is part of Europe. I’ve been conned. We should be allowed to change our minds, now that we have the facts. My grandparents fought in the war so we could leave Europe, they need to understand that they need us more than we need them. What what“.

Boris Backpack

This month’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson demonstrates how much fun a back packing holiday in England can be. “No one needs to get a VISA to have fun here” he said. “Except foreigners, they’re not welcome, obviously”.


Outraged Expats

British expats have reacted with outrage to the news that people in Britain are outraged by the new VISA charge. Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group where outraged Brits vent their outrage over hot topics including the correct water temperature for optimal tea brewing and Brexit. Anne says “I’m outraged than anyone could be outraged because they got what they voted for. My members are outraged that I’m outraged, there was even someone on the news who was outraged and he didn’t even speak English.”


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Impact On Local Business

Costa Del Sol Update spoke to several local business owners to find out what impact the new VISA will have on trade next year. Sam Spam from the Slap & Tickle Pub in Estepona said “Britain gave two fingers to every country in Europe, and now they’re surprised those countries are going to charge them to visit. It might affect my business, it might not. No one knows. Except the people who do know, but they don’t seem to know what they know.”

DJ Barry Jones from the Ebola Bar in Fuengirola said “This charging for entry is quite a good idea, maybe we will charge Brits €7 to get into the bar. That could be good. Party party. Hands in the air boyo.” We also approached Frazzle, owner of The Old Bunion Sports Bar in Fuengirola, but he was unable to give us a comment because he was too busy shouting at his staff for doing a reasonably good job,

Will the €7 charge put you off travelling? Leave your comment below!

Written by Alan Whicker, Costa Del Sol Update.



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  1. Surely after the Brexit take effect the people needs a lot of time to transcend in the changes that’s happening in Britain. Although this might take and may gathered backlash from the citizens and expatriates, surely in time this will all pass and the government will be able to show the potential of executing the Brexit.

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