Fury Over Forced Vacations For Everyone In Spain


Fury Over Forced Vacations For Everyone In Spain.  Human rights organisations and Facebook experts are demanding the new law is scrapped immediately.

Fury Over Forced Vacations For Everyone In Spain

Fury Over Forced Vacations For Everyone In Spain

As many countries in Europe have begun to roll out a vaccination programme using the new Pfizer jab to fight coronavirus, Spain’s government has caused shock by becoming the first in the world to announce that everyone in the country must have a compulsory vacation.

The government are defending the bold move though.  Spokesman Carlos Leelo-De-Nuevo says “The whole word has been waiting for a vaccination so that business and travel can return to normal.  Now the vaccine has arrived, we’re going to make sure that everyone gets a vacation.  Everyone except for those in the hospitality industry, because they’ve just had one massive break already and they don’t need another”.

The news has been met with resistance today by those opposed to forced vacations.  Maria Quejumbrosa from the Vacation And General Information News Association says “This is a breach of our human rights.  The government cannot force people to have vacations.  This hasn’t been tested, we don’t know the long term effects.  It might not be safe.  Not everyone wants to enjoy themselves. This should not be forced upon people”.

Scott Chegg

Expat Scott Chegg pictured flouting lockdown rules at his local bar in Spain.

Some British Expats in Spain have said they will be forced to go into hiding to avoid the vacation.  Scott Chegg is originally from Birmingham and now lives at 20 Avenida Casas Mohosas, Benalmadena, 29652, Andalucia, Spain.  He says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Smethwick.  They’d have to find me before they could force me to take that vacation, and nobody knows where I live, so I could go into hiding until this all blows over”.


Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook Group where British expats can express their outrage over things like imported Rich Tea biscuits being damaged in transit and Brexit.  Anne says “my members are all outraged by this.  Some are outraged because they don’t want to go on holiday, others are outraged because they can’t read and thought the headline said vaccination.  I’m outraged because Judy, my longstanding and invaluable enforcer, is having to explain to members of the group what satire is when they write outrageous comments under the post which we’re about to publish”.

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks this is fake news, as the concept of satire is completely beyond him.

Some expats are saying that without a clear plan or explanation of how forced vacations could be administered, it will never happen.  Others are saying this is fake news.  Stew Pidd told us “Fake news is amazing because anything which I don’t understand gets called fake news.  If I don’t get a joke, it’s fake news.  If I don’t like something, it’s fake news.  We don’t need facts anymore, they’re over rated.  Has Brexit happened yet? Big up Boris.”

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Written by Thomas Cook, Costa Del Sol Update

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