New Benalmadena Base For Boris


New Benalmadena Base For Boris.  The Prime Minister has announced that his personal offices will be relocated next to The Ice Bar on the Costa Del Sol.

New Benalmadena Base For Boris

New Benalmadena Base For Boris

It has been revealed today that popular British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to move his personal offices from Westminster to Benalmadena on the Costa Del Sol.  A source inside number 10 says that the biggest reason for the move is the Ice Bar on the famous marina.

“We’ve learned recently that Boris has a fondness for small cold places” our anonymous source, Rob Oxley, told  us.  “Benalmadena is a perfect base for the PM.  When it looks like he might have to do an interview, he can just nip into the ice bar and avoid the questions whilst enjoying a reasonably priced drink”.

Benalmadena Ice Bar

The Ice Bar has a large entrance, making it easier for Boris to slip inside to avoid answering questions.

Current Strategy Not Sustainable

Another inside source, Robert Van Winkle, says that this is a great idea.  “It works for Boris.  If he wins the election, he can continue to run the UK from Downing Street but pop over to his new office next to the Ice Bar every time anyone suggests an interview with Piers Morgan.  The current strategy of working inside a fridge isn’t sustainable, due to a general lack of space and oxygen”.

Not everyone is reacting well to this news though.  Carlos Congelación from the Benalmadena Office Longstanding Lifetime Of Costa Knowledge Society says “Who does he think he is?  He wants Brexit to get out of Europe, but he wants to come to Europe to use our Ice Bar because it’s more luxurious than his regular fridge”.  

Boris Fridge Love Actually

Access to the Ice Bar will stop the PM seeking refuge in other people’s fridges.


Outraged Expats

Expats are also reacting with anger to the news.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook group for outraged expats to discuss the best type of bacon to eat with a Full English and Brexit.  Anne says “I’m outraged.  I had to get medical attention yesterday as I was overcome with outrage, but today I’m back and able to be outraged on Facebook again.  It’s outrageous.  He can’t come here and hide from the media in our Ice Bar.  It’s a classy place, Kerry Katona once had a drink in there, Boris will really lower the tone”.

Benalmadena Ice Bar Inside

The Ice Bar offers better facilities than the interior of a standard domestic fridge.

No Brits After BRexit

Expat Mike Lunge, originally from Birmingham, thinks that Boris should be made to feel more welcome here.  He says “actually I’m not from Birmingham, I’m from Aston.  After Brexit there will be no Brits left in Spain, so if Boris is going to come here to hide from Piers Morgan then we should make him welcome.  Every Brits counts after Brexit.”

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Written by Michelle Intyre, Costa Del Sol Update.



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