Brexit Explained


Brexit Explained.  Our team of crack political analysts get to the bottom of what Brexit really is and what it means for you!

Brexit Explained 2

Brexit Explained

At 23.00 today, the UK will officially leave the European Union.  Brexit will have happened.  Today there are those celebrating the impending departure, and those mourning it.  But what does it actually mean?  What is Brexit?


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Our team of crack political analysts have got to the bottom of what Brexit really is, and will explain it in the simplest terms possible.  “Previous explanations just haven’t cut it” says Spanish expert Carlos El Caca.  “Despite the detailed and in depth explanation that ´Brexit means Brexit´there are still people who don’t know what Brexit means”.

Brexit Explained With A Picture

Pabloe Pasaje De Vuelta from Brexit Unexplained Theory Torremolinos Helpline Of Litigating Explanations feels that a picture says more than a thousand words.  “We have decided to use a picture to show what our research has revealed Brexit to be.  This is the simplest way to analyse what Brexit means to the EU, what Brexit means to Brits living in Spain, and what Brexit means to Britain”.

This Is Brexit:

Brexit Explained

The pictorial representation of Brexit has been created by our talented and dedicated art department.

Angry Leave Voters

The pictorial explanation of Brexit is already causing anger with some Brits in Spain who voted to leave the EU.  Biff Smith from Birmingham now lives in Benalmadena and is furious about this picture.  He said “I INT FROM BIRMINGHAM IM FROM. DIGBETH ..THIS IS RUBBISH ITS.. NOT TREW BREXIT MEANS. BREXIT THEY NEED US MORE .. . THAN WE NEED THEM ..KICK OUT FOREIGNERS LONG LIVE NIGEL”.  Biff has submitted a picture which he believes is much better representation of Brexit.

Turd Rolled In Glitter

Leave voters have created their own pictorial representation of Brexit, which appears to be a turd with a smiley face rolled in glitter.

Outraged Expats

Expats on the Costa Del Sol are outraged by the explanation.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook Group for outraged Brits to express their outrage over important  matters including the buttons on new phones being too small and Brexit.  Anne says “Let’s be clear, we’re not outraged by the picture.  I can’t deny it’s the best explanation of Brexit I’ve seen.  My subjects and I are outraged that it’s taken so many years to produce it.  We’ve been asking for an explanation since Brexit was first mentioned, and it’s taken until the very last minute to get that explanation.  That’s outrageous.”

Stew Pidd

Stew Pidd thinks this is fake news.

Stew Pidd is a staunch leave voter, he says “This is fake news.  Obviously.  Anything which is beyond me must be fake news.  Brexit is great.  Nothing will change.  They need us more than we need them.  Boris is best. Fake news.”

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Written by Theresa May, Costa Del Sol Update.



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  1. The question was, “are you exited about Brexit?” Judging from the number of comments and in spite of those who were interviewed for Ch 4, the answer is a definite NO

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