Brits Fury Over Racist Curfew In Andalucia


Brits Fury Over Racist Curfew In Andalucia. Parliament will definitely possibly announce new curfew details on Sunday.

Brits Fury Over Racist Curfew In Andalucia

Brits Fury Over Racist Curfew In Andalucia

British expats in Andalucia are furious after details of the new curfew in Andalucia were leaked online.  On Sunday the regional parliament will meet and announce new coronavirus control measures for Andalucia, and a source says that they will absolutely definitely possibly be introducing a new curfew.

Facebook Spies

Facebook “truthers” have leaked this shocking news.

The leaked details of the curfew are causing outrage amongst expats who have called it racist and unacceptable.  According to Julie “Brit Babe” White, a Facebook expert with no ties to local or regional government, the curfew “will restrict the movement of British people in Andalucia.  Most nationalities will be forced to remain in their homes every day between 2pm and 5pm.  However, British people will be forced to stay in their homes between 5pm and 2pm the next day.”  Several people have questioned the credibility of Julie’s post, but she counters with “I’ve done my research, open your eyes, wake up”.

A spokesperson from The Wanderers Association Trust which represents British interests in Spain says “This is designed to keep Brits inside whilst everyone else goes about their business.  It’s no co-incidence that the only time we’re allowed out just happens to be siesta time, when the locals wouldn’t want to be out anyway.  It’s as if they just don’t want to be around us Brits, which is a disgrace.  They need us more than we need them”.

Guardia Civil Armed

Teams of lightly armed police will be on the look out for Brits breaking curfew.

The news of this leak is being well received by some Spanish people.  Carlos Cuarentena from Malaga says “This is great news.  We’re sick of these people refusing to wear masks, doing as they please, whinging about the rules of a country they’re only guests in, and getting worked up about their crazy conspiracy theories.  Keeping them indoors with their superkings and special brew is good for everyone.”


The new curfew is causing a commotion within popular expat online social circles.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook support group for outraged Brits.  She says “We’re all outraged.  This is outrageous.  To force anyone who is British to stay indoors except when the Spanish are having a nap is completely understandable, but it can’t be legal.  Fortunately I have quadruple nationality and can use my Kazakhstani passport so I can pop on my false beard and need to nip out during siesta time”. 

Moe Lester from Birmingham says this curfew is in response to Brexit.

Some British expats are now threatening to quit Spain altogether over this.  Moe Lester from Birmingham has been living in Benalmadena for 20 years.  He says “Actually I’m not from Birmingham I’m from Solihull.  I’m out, I’ve had enough of this victimisation.  We’re going back to the UK.  This is all because of Brexit.  The Spanish can’t accept that we know more than everyone else, and this is how they are punishing us.  Long live the pound”.  

Costa Del Sol Update has contacted the Andalucian government for a comment.  Using our extensive network of contacts we were able to speak exclusively with Juanma Morena, the third junior undersecretary to the President’s lunchtime kitchen assistant.  He said “There’s absolutely no truth in this at all.  No one knows what’s going to happen until the meeting tomorrow.  Unless you’ve seen it on Facebook in a meme, in which case it’s undeniable”.

Will you be supporting this new curfew which is definitely possibly going to happen?  Have your say in the comments below!

Written by Sheila Blige, Costa Del Sol Update

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