Confusion Over Costa Del Sol Curfew


Confusion Over Costa Del Sol Curfew.  The Prime Minister of Spain says there is an 11pm curfew for the whole country, but a man on Facebook says there isn’t.  Who should you believe?

Confusion Over Costa Del Sol Curfew

Confusion Over Costa Del Sol Curfew

There is confusion today on the Costa Del Sol after the Prime Minister of Spain announced a new State Of Alarm yesterday, introducing new measures to combat the spread of coronavirus including a nationwide curfew (which the PM insists isn’t a curfew).  The (not a) curfew kicked in at 11pm last night.  It is in effect every night from 11pm to 6am .  Or is it?

Despite confirmation from the Prime Minister, there are those who know “for a fact” that the curfew doesn’t come into effect until Tuesday night, and there are others who have done their research and discovered that regional governments may choose not to impose the curfew (despite the PM making it clear that the curfew which isn’t a curfew is nationwide and is not optional).


So who should you believe?  We’ll take a look at the evidence to clear things up.  Pedro Sanchez is the Prime Minister of Spain.  He’s at the heart of the government, directing and driving every major decision.  He was present when the new restrictions were voted for, and he delivered the information to the waiting media.

Terry Bull is an expat from Birmingham, living in Fuengirola.  According to Terry, the curfew isn’t happening.  He has no political experience or connections, he has no interest in or understanding of Spanish law, he doesn’t speak Spanish, he has a Facebook account, and he often uses words like sheeple, scaremongering, and plandemic.  Terry does have an online mate who knows someone who’s other online mate knows the sister of the next door neighbour to the gardener of the brother in law of the third cousin of a canteen worker in the local town hall.  Terry says “I’m not from Birmingham actually, I’m from Solihull.  Are you mainstream media? You’re the virus! I’m not talking to you. Make sure you use a good picture of me though.

Terry Bull

The best picture we could get of Facebook expert Terry Bull.

Our team of experts have poured over the information provided by the government and by Terry Bull.  We have spent literally tens of minutes trying to decide who to believe, and demolished an entire packet of Rich Tea biscuits.  It seems clear to us that Terry Bull’s credibility is beyond question, and he knows what he’s talking about.


In summary, there is no curfew.  Go out and party, have fun, and do whatever you like as normal.  If you do get busted by the police, they probably aren’t real police.  They are the minions of darkness who are trying to control you while Bill Gates puts 5g into chocolate biscuits and sells them to children.  Open your eyes, wake up, and do your research.

Empty Bus

Because of the curfew, there is no one on this bus. Not even a photographer. So where did the picture come from? One of life’s mysteries.

Reaction to the news of the curfew (which isn’t a curfew) that may actually be real has been strong.  Expats are outraged by what they have heard.  Anne Fernandez runs a Facebook outrage support group for Brits in Spain who get angry about Brexit and the size of the buttons on Spanish touch-tone phones.  Anne says “I’m outraged, I really am.  My members are exploding with outrage.  They’re saying we can’t go out after 11 at night – we didn’t even realise we could go out after 11 at night.  It’s come as such a huge shock to us.  I just can’t imagine a world where there is something to do other than go to bed after Coronation Street.  Judy is now looking to see if there are any re-runs of The Bill on TV after 11pm.  Have you seen my telly glasses anywhere?”

Will you be abiding by the new 11pm to 6am curfew, or will you be taking your chances?  Have your say in the comments below!

Written by Faye K’Noos, Costa Del Sol Update

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